Residential complex on the urban parcels A8, A9 and A10, KO Novi Bar, DUP „Topolica-Bjelisi“ ammendments, Bar

Number of housing units: 270 (3 buildins, each containing 90 housing units)
Structure of housing units: 108 one-bedroom and 162 two-bedroom

Designer: ING INVEST Ltd. - Danilovgrad
Contractor: Consortium of companies „Celebic“ and „Zetagradnja“
Supervision: CFSSI

August 2013 – Ceremony on the occasion of completion of works and handover of keys to tenants was held on Monday, 12 August.




The company M-KABL LLT Podgorica has provided the tenants of buildings A8, A9 and A10 in Bar with a number of benefits for using cable TV and internet services as well as other services from their official offer.















In close cooperation with local goverments and municipal trade union commissions the CFSSI has provided building land in almost every municipality in Montenegro. In some of them works are in the phase of completion.