1. Residential building “D” on the cadastral parcels 4750 and 4751, KO Niksic, DUP


- Number of housing units: 85 (Lamela L1 – 60 and Lamela L2 – 25 apartments)
- Structure of housing units:
o 11 studios
o 32 one-bedroom
o 42 two-bedroom
- Number of floors: GF+4F

- Contractor: “VJESNIK” d.o.o. – Podgorica
- Time of completion: 14 months
- In July 2009 the Contractor has started the construction of building
- October 2010:
o Building is fully completed (landscaping and construction of substation are yet to be done, what is the obligation of the Municipality of Niksic)
o Building is registered in the Cadastre
- On 1st April 2011 the ceremonial delivery of keys to tenants has been carried out.


 Residential building  “D”

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All the damages on a part of the roof construction, resulted from the natural disaster and large snow drift in February 2012, have been timely repaired.



2. Residential building on the cadastral parcel No 1890/1, Rudo Polje, Niksic
- Number of housing units: 31 (3 studios, 17 one-bedroom and 11 two-bedroom apartments)
- Number of floors: GF+4F
- Contractor: “KNJAZ” d.o.o. – Niksic
- In 2009, the building was completed and fully occupied

3. The Municipal Parliament of Niksic has also allocated plots to the Fund, on the cadastral parcels:
- 4739, KO Niksic, DUP “Podtrebjesa”
- 4740, KO Niksic, DUP “Podtrebjesa”
- 4749, KO Niksic, DUP “Podtrebjesa”

Residential building on the cadastral parcel 1890/1, Rudo Polje, Niksic

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In close cooperation with local goverments and municipal trade union commissions the CFSSI has provided building land in almost every municipality in Montenegro. In some of them works are in the phase of completion.