Residential/commercial buildings “A” and “A1”, on the cadastral parcels No.176/2, 177/2, 178/2, 179/2, 181 and 183/3 KO Pluzine

- GBA of buildings is 4,784.40 m²
- Number of housing units: 58 (“A” – 29 and “A1” – 29)
- Number of business premises: 2

- Designer: “ARHINGINZENJERING” d.o.o. – Bijelo Polje
- Contractor: Consortium – “BAST” doo from Niksic and “EFUSION” doo from Niksic.

-June 2014 – Specialist trade works are underway.


- Out of the total number of 58 housing units, 21 units were included in the Government Program “1000+Housing” – a project for households that have not solved their housing issues










In close cooperation with local goverments and municipal trade union commissions the CFSSI has provided building land in almost every municipality in Montenegro. In some of them works are in the phase of completion.