ANDRIJEVICA – residential/commercial building on the cadastral parcel No. 20/3, Ko Andrijevica

- Number of housing units: 9 (3 studios, 3 one-bedroom and 3 two-bedroom apartments)
- Number of business premises: 5 take a look at the offer
- Number of floors: B+GF+2F+A

- Designer: “URBANPROJEKT” a.d. – Cacak
- Contractor: “MD MOMO” d.o.o. – Berane
- Supervisor: “C GROUP” d.o.o. – Podgorica
- Time of completion: 8 months
- In March 2010 preliminary works on the construction of building have started
- In August 2010 the Fund has offered housing units of the building in Andrijevica via the
- Government Program “1000+Housing” – a project for households that have not solved their -housing issues.
- October 2010
- Registration of the building as well as obtaining certificates of acceptance and occupancy are still in progress.
- Names of holders of right to purchase housing units are being defined.
- November 2011: Tenants have moved in into the building

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In close cooperation with local goverments and municipal trade union commissions the CFSSI has provided building land in almost every municipality in Montenegro. In some of them works are in the phase of completion.