MFSHD ( CFSSI) Visit to the Municipality of Pljevlja


On 19th March 2009 in Pljevlja, Mr. Avdo Ajanovic, Vice President of the Municipal Parliament of Pljevlja conversed with the representatives of the Montenegrin Fund for Solidarity Housing Development – Boris Mihailovic, Executive Director and Svetozar Bulatovic, Director of Sales and Marketing Department, on future activities and cooperation of the local self-government and the Montenegrin Fund regarding allocation of a cadastral plot for continuation of the development of solidarity dwellings in Pljevlja.

On the same day, the representatives of the Fund attended the meeting of the Municipal Syndicate Trusteeship of Pljevlja, where they stated their attitudes relating to the allocation of dwellings in the building, which is in the phase of completion. They clearly specified the role of the Municipal Syndicate Trusteeship regarding decision on dwelling allocation as legally worthless.

On this occasion, Executive Director has emphasized that the Municipal Syndicate Trusteeship does not have a mandate or legal basis to bring any decisions or conclusions on dwelling allocation for solidarity housing development, due to the fact that this right belongs exclusively to the representatives of the companies, organizations and institutions from Pljevlja, which financially participate into the Fund on voluntary basis.

The Fund representatives have seized the opportunity to visit the construction site as well, where the building with 25 dwellings is in the phase of completion. The building will be inhabited by 25th may by rightful owners of the dwellings.



























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2nd June 2009
Agreement on Construction was entered into with “Vjesnik” Ltd, under tender no. 06/08, for execution of work on the residential building “D” - Niksic


Invited tender for sellection of contractors for the development of residential/commercial building in Budva
- Tender 01/09 -



MFSHD Visit to the Municipality of Pljevlja



MFSHD Visit to the Municipality of Bar



Signing the contract on joint investment on building development in Bijelo Polje



MFSHD Press Conference



Work of Commissions for Allocation

Work of Commissions for allocation of dwellings to companies in municipalities of
Berane, Pljevlja and Cetinje is in progress


Creation of Commission

Creating Commission for allocation of dwellings to companies in the municipality of Budva is in progress

Selection of Contractors


Selection of contractors for the residential ”D” , DUP “Podtrebjesa” in Niksic
 Tender 06/08

Verification of Contracts

Verification of individual contracts with future owners of dwellings in the building – B in the Basic Court in Podgorica is in progress

Contacts with Future Owners of Dwelings

Contacts with future owners of dwellings are in progress